When I was a kid I had a book called Millions of Cats that was about a little old man and a little old women who were looking for a cat and found millions instead who ended up duking it out to see who would go home with them.  In the end only one little kitten was left and he was the lucky one to go home with the man and woman.  Seeing all of the kitties come parading through the shelter reminded me of that book, which I still own and read to my daughter now.

Here are a few more cats from the shelter.  Please visit them at the Humane Society for West Michigan.  They may not get a new home in time for Christmas but hopefully will for the New Year!


Cadence is about 8 years old and is a beautiful little black and brown female tabby.  She is very friendly and looking for a home!

Gypsy is also about 8 and is a female black cat who is very sweet.  Don’t believe that old superstition about black cats either – I had one who lived to be almost 18 years old and he was a great cat and never brought me any bad luck!


Ava is a sweet black and white 12 year old female who is camping out at the Chowhound petstore right now hoping to find some love!  The white fur makes an interesting diamond pattern on her face.



Cesar is an 8 year old male who was quite interested in my lighting setup. He is a black and brown tabby.


Abby is a cautious but very sweet kitty who has been at HSWM at least since I started taking photos there a couple of weeks ago.  I hope she finds a home soon, and so does she!  Abby is around 12 years old.


Clause was hoping to get a new home in time to meet her namesake when he drops presents off in a couple days, but will patiently wait for her family instead!  She is only about a year old and is a striking black cat.

Please don’t forget to check out HSWM or your local shelter if you are not in the West Michigan area if you are looking for a new furry friend!

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