New Year, New Kitty

After skipping Christmas weekend to spend time with my family, I headed back to the Humane Society of West Michigan to photograph some of the newcomer cats.  If it is in your plans for 2016 to add a furry friend to your home, why not visit HSWM?  They have lots of dogs and cats waiting for homes.

Rocky Road

This is Rocky Road, a two year old brown and black tabby male.  He is very friendly and reminds me of a lynx with his black-tipped ears.


Pie is a six year old brown and black tabby male who was in the same room with Rocky Road.  The shelter employees must have had a sweet tooth when they were naming these guys!  Pie has a very svelte, angular face that gives him a unique look.  He was quite content to hang out in his little kittie hammock.

Kit Kat

Rounding out the assortment of cats with dessert-themed names is Kit Kat.  She is a three year old black, orange and white girl who has already been declawed on her front feet.


This is Bubba, an adorable little orange boy who is about four years old.  He reminds me of my cat Fresno who is also a friendly orange tabby.  I have had several vets tell me that friendliness is an orange cat trait, although I haven’t seen any studies that back this up.


Here is another orange tabby boy who is also quite the friendly kitty.  His name is Oliver and he is a one year old domestic medium haired.

Roger Jr

Roger Jr. is a sleek two year old black cat who is hoping to find a home really soon!  He is just the slightest bit shy but also very friendly and enjoyed coming through the opening from the other side of his cubby to get some lovin’.


Darjeeling is a grey and white female who is about eight years old.  She is a little intimidated by her new surroundings and doesn’t understand what an almost-senior gal like herself is doing here instead of curled up on someone’s nice warm lap.


Noodles is a two year old black and brown tabby girl who is new to the shelter but is hoping to find a new home instead!


Meet George.  He is a gorgeous grey and cream colored domestic medium haired boy.  He is about two years old.

All of these cats and a bunch more would love for you to come visit them and take one of them home!