More Furry Purries

HSWM has been low on cats recently which means this is the first shelter blog post I’ve done in a while.  Their numbers are back up again so if you would like to get your own furry purry visit them!


These two cuties are Bonnie (top) and Clyde.  These partners in crime are about five years old, Bonnie is a spayed female and Clyde is a neutered male.

Polly 2

Currently sharing a bunk with Bonnie and Clyde is Polly, a 1 1/2 year old brown tabby cat.

Purrlie MaeShadowLucy

These three felines are also bunk mates in another of the awesome Bissell cat enrichment rooms.  Purrlie Mae (top) is a 13 year old grey tiger striped female, Shadow (middle) is a 12 year old male, and Lucy is an 11 year old calico female.  All three are part of the Silver Paws club, which means their adoption fee will be waived due to being over 7 years of age.

Oliver 2

This is Oliver.  He is a very friendly one year old brown and black tabby male who is looking for a home!


Regulus is a handsome black and white male who only has three legs.  He is very sociable and doesn’t let his lack of a leg slow him down!

Angel 3

Angel is 9 and is a gorgeous white female with one blue and one green eye.  She was curled up nice and cozy in her little cat tent and didn’t want to come out, but was willing to at least look my way for some photos.

Missy 2Mama Girl

Here are two more sweet female cats hoping to get adopted soon.  Missy is pictured top and is a stunning white and cream ten year old.  Mama Girl is a two year old grey tabby.

Dingodile 2Fiona 2

Dingodile ( top) has an odd name but is a friendly boy.  He is a four year old brown tabby.  Fiona (bottom) is a two year old ginger girl.


Last but not least is Trudy, a three year gal who is just up for adoption starting tomorrow.

Check out the Humane Society of West Michigan this week to see all of these cats and others.  There are also lots of dogs there right now if you are in want of furry friend to take on walks and throw frisbees for.