So I’ve taken a loooooong hiatus from blogging, of which I’m not proud but certainly not surprised.  Writing, after all, is definitely not my forte.  I really don’t even like it – but here I go, I’m really going to attempt to start blogging again this year now that we are already into the fourth month of the year.

Amaya Inez is a beautiful little baby girl who was recently born to a former coworker and friend of mine.  Being near Easter, and also wanting to try blue with a little girl, I thought I’d try something new with three week old Amaya.

Amaya (8)

She looks so sweet giving Peter Rabbit some love!

Amaya (5)

Blue is really quite precious on little girls, too.

Amaya (9)

Mama brought a little two-piece crocheted outfit to the session but baby had other plans and did not want to be unwrapped, so we settled on just the hat.

I love baby toes!

I also had a new prop I thought I’d try with Amaya – I love how it turned out!

Amaya (14)

Thanks for checking out my blog!  You can see more of my work on my website,


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