One of my favorite little pig-tailed girlies turned two a little while ago, and I got to photograph her for the fifth time!  Well, fourth if you don’t count the maternity session, but she was technically in those photos.  For this session her mom and I decided to try a couple “fun” shots…

First off was a floral swing.  Emma’s dad is quite handy (well, actually her mom is too), so he made a swing to use for the session, which turned out great!

Emma (13)

Emma has always been full of spunk, but her personality was really showing itself with all her adorable little expressions during the session.

This family is so lovable!  Too bad Hank and Earl, the family dachshunds, are too short to show up in this shot.

Emma (26)

She’s obviously got daddy wrapped around her finger…

Emma (32)

We thought it would be fun to try a milk bath, too.  What a beautiful little girl!

Emma (36)

Until next time, Emma!

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