I love photography.  I love my family and friends.  And call me crazy, but I LOVE a loud, violent thunderstorm.  The more wind, rain, lightning and thunder, the better!  A few weeks ago, all of these things came together in one awesome evening of adventure.   One of my college friends had contacted me last winter to arrange an extended family portrait session that she was going to give her family members for Christmas.  Now I’m a busy person, and my friends are too, so I hadn’t seen her or her family for a while.  We decided this was a great opportunity to catch up, so we planned a cookout for after the session!  Getting to see her, her husband and kids, her brothers and their families, and her mom and dad was so much fun!  The session took place at a beautiful park not far from their home (Bertha Brock Park), and though we had to fight off the bugs and be careful to look for poison ivy, everyone had a good time!

Card-Carter family session-2Card-Carter family session-4

Card-Carter family session-8Card-Carter family session-10Card-Carter family session-11

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