RJ and Lyric tied the knot on a gorgeous sunny day in late August at Pine Ridge Bible Camp, where they had both worked together as counselors.  All but one of their bridal party had also either attended Pine Ridge or worked there as a counselor, so this venue had special meaning for all involved.  The couple opted to do a first look before the ceremony, and the camp had the perfect secluded spot to pull it off in where RJ could walk around and not see Lyric until the very last minute as he rounded a natural screen of ornamental grasses.  After the couple had a chance to spend a few precious moments alone together, the entire group enjoyed the warm sun and gorgeous camp grounds as we meandered around photographing the family and the wedding party.

Lyric and RJ’s ceremony began at precisely 6:26 in the afternoon.  The numbers six and twenty-six have special meaning to the couple – their first conversation when they considered taking their friendship to the next level occurred on April 26, their first actual date on May 6, their engagement on November 26, and now their wedding vows would occur on August 26th!

These two have the most joyful, Godly spirits and their elation was contagious on their long-awaited day.  I’m so thankful that I have had the pleasure of getting to know them better and of being asked to capture their beautiful day!

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